Because we have feet on the ground, you can fly free as a bird

Created 1990, Skytravel International S.A.’s  first and foremost objective was and still is to offer services of high quality in the tourism environment thanks to a closely-knit and flexible team.

Today obtaining the lowest price seems to be everyone’s priority…and that’s okay. However, other parameters must be taken into account in your travel plans.

If you travel for business purposes, you might like to have some flexibility, take a shorter connection and save some hours on a long-haul flight, travel in business class and have the opportunity to work during the journey.

If you travel for leisure, you might perhaps choose a better class hotel and really enjoy your stay. For your honeymoon, birthday or any special event, it may be worth thinking about a little extra luxury.

A little more money spent could mean a lot more pleasure gained, less wasted time or more quality spare time which is worth much more than the extra cost involved.

Whatever your approach to travel, whether for business or pleasure, we’ll always try to find the best solution to fulfil your wishes and meet your needs.